Copper Rock Coffee Company [Mexican Hot Chocolate]


So there we were, a bit too early to head over to Bazil’s Pub & Provisions for the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce Pulse Networking Night and a bit too late to do anything else, so we stopped in at Copper Rock Coffee to kill a little time and maybe even accidentally get some work done (stranger things have happened).

What is a Mexican Hot Chocolate?

My eye was drawn to the menu where I spied ‘Mexican Hot Chocolate’ so, of course I asked, “What is a Mexican hot chocolate?” It’s hot chocolate with a bit of cinnamon tossed in. Simple enough. Hot chocolate. Cinnamon. Bit of whipped cream. Chocolate sauce on the top. It looked pretty decent (sorry, nothing beats a hot chocolate with a giant pile of marshmallows and whipped cream on top) and it wasn’t the most vivid hot chocolate I’ve ever had, but it did the job.

Oh, and if you have fat fingers like me, don’t stick one of them through the cup handle. It’ll get stuck and then you’ll jerk your finger out in a state of wide-eyed panic, at which point your beverage of choice will fly across the table endangering laptops, smartphones, white jackets, and business partners alike.

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Mexican Hot Chocolate @ Copper Rock

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Copper Rock Coffee Company (Downtown Appleton)
210 W. College Ave., Suite B
Appleton, WI 54911

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