Beefeaters British Grille [Fish n' Chips]

Beefeaters British Grille

Beefeaters British Grille & Ale House is located on the north side of 41 just off Ballard Road. This is only the second time I have been here and both times it was quite tasty. For those who are interested, Beefeaters is owned by the same company that operates Good Company (on the corner of College and Richmond) and Pullmans (just north of 441 on Olde Oneida off Oneida), among others. We’ll actually being doing Pullmans tomorrow evening, so stay tuned for that review!

Not One, But Two Appetizers

Strangely enough, I actually had a reason to eat dinner out at Beefeaters (as if I need a reason). An old friend was in town on business and like yours truly, has a thing for good food. Beefeaters seemed to fit the bill for the evening considering it’s super easy to find and was good the last time I was there. Our first appetizer was the soft pretzels; four good sized soft pretzels absolutely shiny with butter. The second appetizer was a plate full of mozzarella sticks with dipping sauce. As a documented bread addict, I naturally preferred the pretzels. They were a shade stiff, but not bad (read: I ate them with reckless abandon). The sticks were not overly warm and the cheese wasn’t gooed up inside the way I like it, so I was able to escape the night with only a couple of those. And no, there wasn’t much reason two people needed two entire appetizers both big enough for two but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Oh, and there was bread on the table to top it all off.

My actual dinner consisted of fish and chips. Chips in this case literally meaning kettle chips rather than fries. All of it was exactly as you would expect from a pub-style fish dinner. The fish was not overly greasy and nor were the chips. The coleslaw was a shade iffy, but coleslaw is one of those things that is pretty hit and miss depending on your tastes.

Yes, the plate in the photo is upside down. I was way too eager to dig into the meal to take the time to turn the plate around.

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Beefeaters British Grille

Beefeaters British Grille & Ale House
2331 E. Evergreen Drive
Appleton, WI 54913

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