Cy’s Asian Bistro [Golden Triangle Shrimp]

Cy's Asian Bistro

So there we were, driving around randomly in Appleton looking for a place for lunch when we decided to head a short way south and check out the various restaurants that make their home in downtown Neenah. After deliberating about… oh… 4 seconds, my partner decided on Cy’s Asian Bistro.

What is a Golden Triangle Shrimp?

Cy's Asian Bistro in NeenahI really had no idea what to expect from the Golden Triangle Shrimp. The description in the menu was accurate, but a bit vague. It simply said “shrimp, chicken, shiitake mushroom, onions, and fresh spices.” I had high hopes considering the egg roll Cy’s provided as an appetizer was quite tasty. When the dish arrived I was a little dubious. Honestly, the portion size looked more appropriate for an appetizer than a lunch, but then again we’re routinely spoiled by absurdly large portions with almost every meal.

The appearance was also somewhat unusual. The Golden Triangle Shrimp reminded me just a little too much of the dried pig ears you find in the pet store. Fortunately, the taste was quite good. In fact, they taste a lot more like chicken than they do anything else. Imagine a chicken egg roll without the veggies and you’ll get the idea. That said, I would have not known there was shrimp in them if the menu didn’t explicitly state this was the case.

Overall the service was good, the food arrived quickly, the atmosphere is really nice, and the prices were acceptable. I paid $9.40 for the Golden Triangle Shrimp and the price for the Chicken Lettuce Wrap was in the same ballpark. 

Three Small Issues

There were three small issues during our visit. The first is that the entryway smelled strongly of bleach. That’s sort of a mixed blessing. Bleach isn’t the most appetizing of smells, but at least you know they’re keeping the place clean. The second is that the restaurant was completely empty at the time of our visit, and the only other party to come through the door was seated to the table immediately next to ours (maybe I’m just anti-social). The third issue is that one of the members of that party found a piece of plastic in their meal. The customer handled it in stride and didn’t cause an undo fuss. We didn’t stick around long enough to see if the customer was comped for their experience. 

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 Cy's Asian Bistro


Cy’s Asian Bistro
208 W Wisconsin Ave
Neenah, WI 54956

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