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After all the holiday meals and desserts, I told myself enough is enough. Enough turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes that is, it’s time for some sushi. Today for lunch we hit up a new place (for us) on the west side of Appleton, Fuji Sushi. This came moments after me trying the world’s worst soup. It was a gluten free vegetarian quinoa concoction and it was the most miserable thing I have ever attempted to eat. I gave the other can I had to Todd as a generous gift.

Sushi + Chinese Buffet in One Spot

We walked in to a nearly empty restaurant (not a big surprise, it was 2:00) and were greeted by lady who guided us to our table. As we were being seated, I was completely distracted by the large selection of sushi staring at me with sad lonely ‘come eat me’ eyes. The waiter came over and took our drink order and after that, it was time to get serious. I started on one side of the sushi buffet where they had Alaska rolls, Philadelphia rolls and many other kinds, along with all the ginger and wasabi under the sun. The other side of the sushi buffet had other types of sushi, besides rolls. Another buffet table had traditional Chinese food such as chicken and broccoli and crab rangoon.

Overall, the food was pretty typical for a Chinese /sushi restaurant. The presentation and variety was nice and the service was good. Also, for okay sushi, the price was not outrageous. I only know one other place in the valley that you can get all you can eat sushi for around $10.

- M

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Fuji Sushi


Fuji Sushi
1003 West Northland Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

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  1. I'm Hungry says:

    I can confirm the gluten free vegetarian quinoa was… horrific. – Todd

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