Grapevine Cafe [Apple Harvest Salad]

Grapevine Cafe Apple Harvest Salad

Our day started at 7:30 in the morning with coffee at Blueberry Hill in Appleton and ended at 7:30 that evening at the Grapevine Cafe on Allouez Avenue in Green Bay. The Grapevine came onto our radar earlier that evening as a recommendation so we figured we would give it a shot. After some minor navigational challenges, we rolled into the Grapevine’s parking lot and was immediately impressed by the welcoming nature of the facade.

Private Room, Great Menu, and Expectations Met

My first impression as we walked through the door is that if I had a wealthy grandmother, this is kind of what her place may have looked like. It has a very welcoming, upscale, yet homey feel to it. Our hostess lead us back past a display case filled with obscenely delicious looking deserts to what amounted to a private room with a single table big enough to comfortably seat four, which was pretty awesome considering one of my pet peeves are dining rooms that are packed table-to-table.

Reading the menu was a delight. There was probably a half-dozen different items I would have loved to try, chiefly among them the Apple Bleu panini. Eventually I settled on the Apple Harvest salad: Julienned chicken, apples, strawberries, bleu cheese, walnuts, and craisins with raspberry vinaigrette. Apparently I was on some sort of an apple kick. When the salad arrived there were two bonuses; fresh bread with butter and a serving of grapes. Long story short, it fully delivered on the lofty expectations that had been building up in my mind from the moment we pulled into the parking lot. The Apple Harvest salad came in at $11.59 out the door. Desert was a small white chocolate truffle with a vaguely chardonnay-like filling ($1.50 for two).

Echo Chambers and Sad Waitresses

The room we were in had an echo chamber effect that could be cut down on by adding a few soft touches to the walls. I could imagine it getting a little loud in that room if four people were having a good conversation. Hard, flat, and square seems to be the prevalent trend in restaurant design, unfortunately. Our waitress also seemed to be having a bit of a bad day and looked so down I almost asked her if everything was all right. That said, she was prompt, courteous, and came back to the table just often enough to be attentive without interrupting our dinner.

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 Grapevine Cafe Apple Harvest Salad


Grapevine Cafe
2058 Allouez Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54311

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