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UPDATE 11/8/2013: Jet Sushi Buffet is under new ownership and is now called Island Sushi Buffet. The menu and aesthetics have changed a bit, but the concept remains the same.

Sushi day (again). There is a good chance I may turn into a giant sushi roll soon. Anyways, I had a good friend come into town (who has never had sushi) and decided that if she is going to experience sushi for the first time, there is no better place to take her than my second home, Jet Sushi in Darboy.

We got there at right around noon and the place was pretty busy. People are starting to realize what a hidden gem this place is, which is great, but also means waiting a bit longer for just the right piece of sushi to float by. The best part of the eating experience? The chef will come around and ask you if you would like something in particular for no extra charge! You don’t get that kind of service at most restaurant. Another perk? It is right around $12 for all you can eat and it is well worth every penny.

Here’s to Trying New Things

While I ate my fill, my friend played it safe and mostly ate things that didn’t look like they could get up and walk off the plate. I applaud her for trying new things, even if they ended up being disgusting.

If you have never been there, check it out soon. The presentation is unlike any other in the valley. It is a floating buffet filled with just about every type of sushi you can think of, as well as other traditional Chinese cuisine. It is freshly prepared right in front of you, by talented sushi chefs.

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Jet's Sushi


Jet Sushi
N 162 Eisenhower Dr # 300
Appleton, WI 54915

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