Menasha Grill [Blackened Chicken Sandwich & Bourbon Street Chicken]

Menasha Grill

After a busy morning of THRIVE Coffee, client meetings, and starting to plan our upcoming spring event, we were (I was) hungry when noon came around. We decided, for no reason, to go to a place we have never heard of before. We grabbed a local magazine at a gas station and randomly opened up to a page and if we had not heard of the restaurant, that was going to be the decided on lunch location for the day. Well, no luck. All of the restaurant advertisements in the magazine were familiar to us. We did a search for local restaurant in Menasha (an area less traveled by Food in the Fox) and stumbled upon a place in the center of Menasha.

The place was Menasha Grill, located on 204 Main Street in Menasha, just north of the Fox River. From the outside, it was hard to tell if the place was open, but luckily it was. The place has a definite Mardi Gras feel. The place is filled with royal purple, New Orleans Saints logos, and Mardi Gras masks among many other items that bring out the New Orleans flavor. The New Orleans style menu was filled with catfish, Jambalaya, crab cakes, and other southern style dishes.

Blackened Chicken Sandwich

I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich with a side of purple coleslaw as well as a side of their ‘world famous’ croutons (according to the menu). After we ordered, the server noted that he would be back with bread. Free bread is always something to celebrate. Anyway, he can back with bread, chips, and croutons with a spicy cheesy spread. Amazing. A few minutes later our food arrived. My blackened chicken sandwich was on a large french roll with a side of tomato, lettuce, and onion. The purple coleslaw was creamy and tasted just about the same as regular coleslaw, but the color really threw me for a loop. Overall, the spicy chicken sandwich was very tasty and seasoned just right. The bread was fresh and delicious and the staff was very friendly. I would recommend Menasha Grill to anyone who is looking for food with a southern kick.

- M

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Menasha Grill Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Bourbon Street Chicken

So, when you hear “Menasha Grill” what comes to mind? Probably not Cajun and Louisiana style food. However, the menu looked positively enticing so it easily won out today as our “never heard of it” lunch destination. Nope. We have seriously never heard of Menasha Grill until today, but as mentioned above, Food in the Fox doesn’t make its way down into the Menasha/Neenah area all too often (so far).

As luck would have it, they didn’t have any crawfish so my crawfish po-boy came back as a no-go. I opted for the bourbon street chicken instead and was not at all disappointed. This salad consists of tomatoes, portobella mushrooms, glazed breaded chicken, and Sweet Bourbon Pecan Dressing (super sweet, nutty, and earthy) with a side of the aforementioned croutons and some purple slaw. In fact, if you look closely at the photo below you can see a certain someone — who will remain unnamed — hijack one of the croutons off my plate.

- T

Bourbon Street Chicken

Menasha Grill
204 Main Street
Menasha, WI 54952

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