New York Deli [Hot Chocolate]

New York Deli Hot Chocolate

The New York Deli up there on North Casaloma has been on my short list for quite a while. I’ve wanted to go there twice and was foiled both times. The first time it was too late and the place would have been closed by the time I got there. The second time it was too early and my partner-in-crime and I were too impatient to wait it out. So, when we had a little time to kill before the Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Connection down at Paper Valley we decided to finally make our way to the deli. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for a sandwich, but we did have time for drinks.

Still No Marshmallows

I figured I would give the hot chocolate a shot, given that it is my personal quest to find the best hot chocolate in the Valley. So far I’ve had everything from stuff that would make Swiss Miss instant mix blush to rather rich concoctions of cocoa-flavored goodness. Fortunately, the New York Deli’s rendition is more towards the latter than the former. As you can see, I’m still missing the marshmallows (or “marsh melons”, as Mr. Spock would say). I’m sorely tempted to stop by the Bulk Priced Food Shoppe in Greenville and buy my own container of miniature marshmallows so I can start topping these things properly. That aside, I was rather pleased with the results, but there wasn’t anything that made it stand out from the other higher-quality offerings I have tried thus far. It was rich, but not syrupy, and it had plenty of whipped cream on the top.

So, the final verdict? This was good, but the search continues for the best hot chocolate in the Fox Valley.

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New York Deli Hot Chocolate


New York Deli
1853 North Casaloma Drive
Appleton, WI 54913

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