Stone Toad Bar & Grill [Chicken Sandwich W/ Fries]


After a networking happy hour on Thursday, I decided that popcorn and a few small pieces of pizza were just not going to cut it for dinner. Todd played it good and didn’t indulge in any happy hour snacks, so we decided on a new place, Stone Toad Bar & Grill for a late dinner. Stone Toad Bar & Grill is located on Highway 10 (Oneida Street), just south of Highway 441 in Menasha.

Lots of TVs and Traditional Bar Food

I have had plenty of people tell me about the place, and finally got the chance to experience the ‘Toad’ for the first time. When we walked in, I was a surprised to see such a large bar and could not believe the number of TV’s in the place. I guess it is a ‘sports bar’ per say, but had imagined something a bit different. There were pub tables setup all around the place, most of which were filled up. We snatched up an open, dirty table and the waitress quickly came over to wipe it down for us. They had some great nightly specials, such as a plate full of chicken nuggets, hot wings or a burger and fries for all around $6. Not a bad deal. I ordered a chicken sandwich with fries (yes, after pizza) and was curious to see what kind of sandwich I would get for $6.

The large chicken sandwich was nothing to write home about. It was  a typical breaded chicken sandwich (with an extra kick of pepper) with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. There were plenty of french fries to go along side the sandwich, which were hot and perfectly salted. It was traditional bar food that would have probably tasted much better if compared to a 2:00 AM Taco Bell run.

Overall the food was what one would expect at a sports bar. The prices were reasonable and the overall atmosphere was energetic. The service was okay, considering they were pretty busy. But it would have been nice if they would  have refilled my water when they said they were going to but, ugh, first world problems. Please leave you comments on your experiences at Stone Toad Bar & Grill. We love to hear your feedback!


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Stone Toad Chicken Sandwich


1109 Oneida Street
Menasha, WI 54952

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