The Flying Dutchman [Salad and Soup Bar]


We’re both big fans of Seth’s Coffee & Bake Shop in Little Chute and we’ve noticed and talked about The Flying Dutchman across the street a number of times. So, it was finally time that we stopped in for lunch. After deliberating over the menu for a while we both chose to go with the soup and salad bar. Soups of the day included clam chowder and beef vegetable.

I Learn Something New

The salad bar featured your normal salad bar fare with one notable exception. At first, I thought the mysterious item was pickled herring but I soon realized I was wrong. So very wrong. Turned out to be — of all things — picked gizzards (I had to ask our hostess). I figured I would give it a try anyway, much to the disgust of my counterpart. I immediately regretted my decision. It. Was. Nasty. Imagine, if you will, a vaguely meat and brine flavored piece of rubber torn off the bottom of a well-worn shoe and you’ll be about half way to what I thought of this particular dish. Now, that’s not the fault of The Flying Dutchman. I’m sure as pickled gizzards go it was quite good. I simply learned I am no fan of pickled avian organs.

Great Soup

While the rest of the salad bar was pretty typical, the soup was outstanding and easily the best part of the meal. Unlike most beef vegetable soups I have come across, The Flying Dutchman’s recipe was more beef than vegetable, which was perfectly fine by me. While one bite of gizzard was one more bite than I needed, I went back a couple of times for more soup. There was also a bowl of salty homemade croutons that were tailor-made for dipping. 

Moral of the story? Leave the gizzards. Take the soup.

Supper Club Memories

The service was friendly and the overall atmosphere was plain but comfortable and reminded me strongly of the places my parents used to drag me to when I was a kid back in the late 1980s. These places had names like “Club” plus the number of whatever highway they happened to be on.

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The Flying Dutchman


The Flying Dutchman Supper Club & Lounge
532 Grand Avenue
Little Chute, WI 54140 

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