The StoneYard [Authentic Gyro]

The StoneYard Gyro

The StoneYard now has three locations in the Fox Valley. There’s one over in Greenville at N1739 Lily of the Valley Drive. The next is in Appleton at W3010 Edgewood Trail. The newest is in Darboy at N140 Eisenhower Drive where Coaches Corner used to be (next door to Jet Sushi, in case you were wondering). Having officially opened its doors just a day or two before our lunch, The StoneYard was still working out the kinks in the system. However, the quality of the food nor the service was one of those kinks.

The StoneYard’s Authentic Gyro

After a discussion of the proper way to pronounce the word gyro — ’guy-row’ and ‘he-row’ and ‘gee-row’ were all mentioned — I decided that a gyro was, in fact, what I wanted for lunch. Even though I don’t know how to pronounce the word correctly, I’m a pretty big gyro fan. Traditional gyros, gyro pizzas, gyro salads, and gyro breakfast skillets have all landed on my plate. The StoneYard’s gyro is on the menu as an Authentic Gyro. I’ve never been to Greece, so I’m not sure what an ‘authentic’ gyro is supposed to look and/or taste like,  but I have to say The StoneYard’s was not at all shabby.

As you can see, it was served flat with a side of kettle chips that were the perfect combo of crisp and squishy at the same time (you know what I’m talking about). The chips were dusted with a coarse pepper salt that was quite possibly the saltiest salt I have ever tasted. Fortunately, the salt didn’t stick to the chips so the chips were actually not over-salted at all, but the little piles of salt on the plate were pretty powerful. Anyway, back to the gyro. Instead of being razor thin slices off the kone as you usually see, The StoneYard opts for substantial chunks of gyro meat laid out on a thick toasted pita. Topping the meat is, of course, tomato, onion, and cilantro. Also featured is a very mild cucumber sauce. Unlike other gyros I’ve had in the past, this example was not in the least bit greasy, which was a huge bonus.

My favorite gyro thus far is still probably the one served by B52 Restaurant down in Menomonee Falls — I’ve made the 140 mile round trip more than once just to get a gyro at B52 — but I would order The StoneYard’s offering again without hesitation.

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The StoneYard Gyro


The StoneYard
N140 Eisenhower Drive
Appleton, WI 54915

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