Angels Restaurant [Egg Whites and Fruit]


THRIVE Coffee this morning ventured to Angels Restaurant in Appleton on 1401 E. John Street, just south of College Avenue. The beautiful restaurant was much larger on the inside in comparison to how it looked from the outside. For some reason, the chairs caught my attention. They were on wheels and comfortable. Most breakfast type diners we have been to have traditional, not so comfortable, non-wheeled chairs. These chairs were superior to most other diner chairs in the Valley. Whew. Now that I got that off my chest, the food and company was also pleasant, as usual for THRIVE coffee.

The waitress was very prompt to greet people and offer them coffee. She had prepared for a larger group and already put coffee cups on the table along with cups and pitchers of water for the early morning crew. Slowly but surely, friendly faces started to gather around the growing table. The menu was filled with typical diner food, which included breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers, as well as an alcoholic beverage menu. Breakfast prices were very reasonable starting at right around $3.39 for one egg with your choice of hash browns, American Fires or fresh fruit also served with your choice of toast. You can also choose Egg Beaters or egg whites for $1 extra.

A Healthy Start to The Day

I decided on two egg whites, with a side of wheat toast and fruit. With there being such a large group, I would have thought the food would have taken a bit longer than it did, but it was out shortly after we placed our orders (the friendly conversation possibly made time go by faster). I decided on two egg whites with whole wheat toast and a side of fruit. The eggs and toast were pretty ordinary eggs and toast, but the fruit selection was a welcomed surprise. It included kiwi, watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe and melons, which I thought was a great selection of fruit, considering it is the middle of winter and these fruits are usually not in season during this time of the year.

For all you can drink coffee and a filling breakfast, the total didn’t break the bank. My breakfast came to just around $7, which I thought was reasonable. This beautiful restaurant should be on your list of places to check out in the Valley. It is easy to drive by all the time, but next time you are thinking of a place to go to eat, give Angels Restaurant a shot.


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Angels Restaurant
1401 E. John Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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