Angels Restaurant [Mushroom Omelet]

Angels Restaurant Mushroom Omlet

THRIVE Coffee this morning was more like THRIVE Breakfast thanks to the venue, which was Angels Restaurant on E. John Street in Appleton (just west of the downtown area). I don’t know the whole story, but Angels here in Appleton was in some way affiliated with 7 Angels Restaurant in Chilton, but the two restaurants have since gone their separate ways. In fact, there is a plaque near the front door of Angels that still says “7 Angels.” Anyway, enough with the vague history lesson. The important part is that the THRIVE Coffee crew had another great turnout. I think we were pushing almost 20 attendees by the time myself and M had to head out towards the other side of town. 

An Easy to Miss Location

Angels is a lot like B.J. Clancy’s in that it’s very easy to drive by all the time without thinking much of it. It’s located just off College Ave. and you can see the restaurant from the John/College/Walter roundabout. See it is one thing. Stopping at it is another. While this area serves as a major corridor linking Darboy with downtown, there’s not much else in this immediate vicinity. This makes Angels something we call an easy to miss “drive by” restaurant. In fact, we’ve started to keep a list of “drive by” restaurants so that we can remind ourselves about them when it comes time to find a new place to for lunch.

A Rather Dry Mushroom Omelet

Since we’re trying to eat just a little bit healthier, the good old days of ordering the meat lover’s omelet with white toast slathered in butter with a heaping side of greasy salted hash browns has come to an end (sadly). So, what you see before you today is a cheeseless three egg mushroom omelet with wheat toast and side of fruit. While generously infused with mushrooms, I was disappointed to find the overcooked omelet tasted as bland and dry as it appears in the photo. The highlight of the meal was definitely the fruit side, which included kiwi (one of my favorites!), watermelon, an orange slice, and more.

The cost for today’s breakfast was around $7.50, which included a bottomless cup of coffee. The service was excellent considering we only had one waitress and the food arrived hot and fast.  The interior of Angels is also quite nice and is complete with the novelty of comfortable rolling chairs.

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Angels Restaurant Mushroom Omlet


Angels Restaurant
1401 E. John Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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