Apple City Family Restaurant [San Francisco Melt]

Apple City Family Restaurant

Tuesday mornings are THRIVE Coffee and yesterday we found ourselves at Apple City Family Restaurant on W. Ridgeview Drive (just off N. Richmond). Apple City anchors a corner of the Ridgeview Center, which is a modern office/retail space housing variety of businesses. In short, having never been to Apple City, we were a little surprised that this rather professional looking building hid a friendly family style restaurant. 

Good Conversation, Good Food

There was three of us to start, so we chose the largest round table available and started perusing the menu. Then two more came. Then another. Then we shuffled around the table to fit in a couple more THRIVE’rs. Eventually, we had about eight or nine people engaged in good conversation over an equally good breakfast while crowded around our little table.

Since choosing menu items can be a life altering experience — at least that’s how I treat it — I finally settled for the San Francisco Melt. It was a simple combo of eggs, cheese, and bacon wrapped up in toasted sourdough bread. Hash browns are available, but in a (very) temporary moment of calorie awareness I opted for the fruit. It is my hope that the ~60 calories of fruit in that little dish somehow compensated for the 700+ calories worth of bread, butter, and cheese piled up next to it. If only it worked that way. 

A Plethora of Family Style Restaurants

The Fox Valley and surrounding area has a lot of family style restaurants and we’re slowly working our way through them all. We have been to Blueberry Hill in Appleton, The Diner in Appleton, Landremans in Kaukauna, Mary’s in Appleton, 7 Angels in Chilton, and a few others. I honestly have to say they are all pretty similar. Similar decor, friendly service (for the most part), comparable menus, and pretty decent food if you are into that type of dining experience. If I had to choose a favorite one right at this moment I’m not sure that I could.  They all bring a little something to the table (Ha!).

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Apple City Family Restaurant


Apple City Family Restaurant
664 W. Ridgeview Drive
Appleton, WI 54911

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