Butch’s Pizza [Buffalo Chicken Sandwich]


The THRIVE lunch destination was close to home for me on Monday, just up the road at Butch’s Pizza in Kimberly. I have heard about the place before, but never managed to stop in. We walked in to the small pizza joint and saw familiar faces and some new faces in the bunch, which is always nice to see. When we first arrived, the THRIVE group of probably close to 20 people was the only table in the place.

Their was already pitchers of water on the table as well as silverware and plates, probably assuming people were going to split a few pizzas. Right as we were sitting down, the busy waitress asked us if we would like anything else to drink besides the water and handed out additional menus. The menu, which was mostly pizza (strange, I know), was just about the right size for what you would expect at a pizza place. It also included wings, sandwiches, soup and other pizzeria type foods. The prices were reasonable, with a sandwich clocking in at right around $3 and a large (14″) one topping pizza at about $13.50. I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich without anything for a side.

At a Pizza Place, Stick with Pizza

For how large the group was, the food came out pretty dang quick. I must say, I was a little disappointed by the looks of the sandwich when it first came to the table. I was thinking  to myself, “who the hell comes to a pizza place and gets a chicken sandwich?” Anyways, I took my first bite and the buffalo sauce was hot and flavorful, but the chicken was a bit tough.  A bit tough may be putting it nicely, as I had a difficult time gnawing through it while trying not to look like a caveman in front of other, smarter, pizza eaters. The bun was also a bit on the dry side, but the tomatoes and lettuce that came with the sandwich were fresh and delicious.  What is one to expect for a $3 chicken sandwich? Overall, the key takeaway is that I will be returning to Butch’s Pizza in Kimberly in the near future to try what they are famous for: pizza.


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 Butch's Pizza - Chicken Sandwich


Butch’s Pizza
510 W Kimberly Ave.
Kimberly, WI 54136

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