Butch’s Pizza [Sliced Turkey on Wheat]

Butch's Pizza Sliced Turkey on Wheat

Today’s THRIVE Lunch had a great turnout. The restaurant and its location often plays a part in just how many people show up for the weekly lunch, so a pizza joint in Kimberly was bound to pull in a crowd. As you can see, I decided to be good today and bypass the pizza option and went straight for the lite menu. 

A Turkey Sandwich at a Pizza Place

As it turns out, we went to Butch’s Pizza and neither of us ordered pizza. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Like I said, I fully intend(ed) on being good today. This was especially relevant because this past week held not only the outstanding pizza buffet at Glass Nickel Pizza in Oshkosh, but another pizza buffet at Penelope’s in Chilton. In short, I am pizza’ed out for a while. That said, I ordered the sliced turkey on wheat with a side of coleslaw. The sandwich came in at $3.50 and the coleslaw set me back another 50 cents. Can’t complain much about the price. 

When it comes to the sandwich, what you see is what you get. It was very much like the quick and hot turkey sandwiches I make here at home. The lettuce was crisp, the tomatoes were fresh, the bread and turkey were your typical grocery store fare and decent enough. Overall, it was no Panera Bread or deli style offering, but it did the job for a light and inexpensive lunch.

Quick Service

Our lunches came quickly even though we had a large crowd in addition to the normal lunch customers. In fact, we received our sandwiches before some of the early arrivals received their pizzas. The pizzas we did lay eyes on looked great. There may have been a slight pang of regret when comparing my turkey and wheat to the cheese covered creations that started landing on the table just moments after my lunch was delivered. Live and learn.

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Butch's Pizza Sliced Turkey on Wheat


Butch’s Pizza
510 W Kimberly Ave.
Kimberly, WI 54136

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