Lou’s Brew & Cafe [Chicken Cobb Salad]


Today we were in Oshkosh a bit earlier than normal to meet with a great group of business people for an early morning networking event. After, we decided to get some work done at no other than the ‘Home of the World’s Best Cupcake’, the Caramel Crisp Cafe in downtown. No, this post isn’t about the cupcake place, because unfortunately the last time we were there the cupcake was gone before the thought of taking a picture even crossed my mind. Don’t worry, there will be a cupcake post soon:).  Anyway, lunch today was at Lou’s Brew & Cafe, a small deli right on the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh campus at 248 Wisconsin Street.

Parking Wars

Parking was a bit of a difficulty, as there was none. We checked nearby parking lots but they were all reserved for other establishments. We drove around the block, nothing. Hunstation began to get in (the state of being hungry and frustrated). As we were making one last lap through the main parking lot a vehicle left. Awesome! We walked in to the place, which had a few groups of college students going about their studies, and took a gander at the menu. The menu included some unusual items for a deli. One of these items was a bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese bits on the top, rather than croutons. Another was a sandwich that included roast beef and macaroni and cheese. I applaud the man across from me who ordered the sandwich, as he did not end up getting it all over himself as I probably would have done.

Sweet & Delicious

Anyway, trying to cut back on salt, I ordered the Chicken Cobb Salad, which included lettuce, roasted corn, red onion, grilled chicken, avocado, dried cranberries, pecans and red peppers with a side of ranch dressing. The salad, as well as everyone else’s food, took a bit to get to the table, but it was worth the wait. The roasted corn and dried cranberries were a sweet and happily welcomed addition to the warm chicken and other slightly saltier ingredients. The dressing also tasted as if it was homemade, which is a rarity at most restaurants and delis. If I had to gripe about something, it would be the price for the amount of food. My salad with tax came to nearly $10. But I also understand that some of the items  in the salad I had are typically a bit more expensive that the typical lettuce, onion, and tomato. The overall experience was positive.




Lou’s Brew & Cafe
248 Wisconsin Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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