Mary’s Family Restaurant [Low-Fat Breakfast]


After an early morning networking event at Sergio’s on Oneida we hopped a block or two down the road and pulled into Mary’s Family Restaurant. What? We went to Sergio’s and didn’t eat? Nope. The restaurant was opened early for our group to meet and wasn’t yet in the food prep mode. So, since I got distracted last night and didn’t eat dinner, we pulled into the very first place we saw where we knew we could get a reliable breakfast.

Low-Fat Bird Food

If you browse around a bit on Food in the Fox, you’ll probably note we don’t typically go for the really super terrible unhealthy stuff. We’re not health nuts, but you won’t find too many double bacon cheeseburgers or  giant bowls of full-fat ice cream (although both of those sound really awesome right now). Anyway, where this is all going is that M and I both ordered the low-fat breakfast with no butter or salt. This combination consisted of two zero-cholesterol fat-free eggs, two turkey sausages (1g fat each), and wheat toast. Or, as our very sweet waitress called it, “bird food.”   

So, what does a butterless, saltless, and fatless breakfast taste like? Honestly, not much of anything. Most of the flavor came from the jam I put on my toast. The sausages also had a bit of taste, but turkey sausage just doesn’t seem to be able to live up to traditionally constructed breakfast meats. The eggs were an oddly frothy textured pile of yellowness and didn’t taste like much of anything. Naturally, none of this stopped us from cleaning our plates. To top things off, we both went with water for our beverage. Yum!

All-in-all we got exactly what we ordered and exactly what we expected! We’ve been to Mary’s on a number of previous occasions and have ordered a normal breakfast, half-sandwiches, and their savory chicken and dumpling soup. All have been just fine.

From Bland to Not

Ok, so don’t tell anybody, but after our intentionally bland breakfast we went to Cranky Pat’s in Neenah for lunch. There also may (or may not) have been a piece of cherry cinnamon bread split between the two of us at Harmony Cafe on College. The bread may (or may not) have been delicious.

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Mary’s Family Restaurant
2106 S. Oneida Street  
Appleton, WI 54915

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