New York Deli [Almond Chicken Salad]

New York Deli Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich

Finally! We finally got around to visiting the New York Deli over on Casaloma Drive. We have been here once for drinks, but today we needed to find a bite to eat before donating blood over at FVTC, so we opted to hit up New York Deli. Not only that, but I decided to get something I never usually order: chicken salad. In this instance, it was an Almond Chicken Salad Deli Sandwich.

Chicken, Celery, Almonds, Mayo, & Craisins

This particular sandwich was every bit as dreamy as it looks in the photos. The almond chicken salad (chicken, celery, almonds, mayo, and craisins) was inserted between two ever-so-lightly toasted pieces of sourdough bread along with romaine lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and deli mustard. Sides consisted of a pickle spear and a fresh strawberry. I tend to think of chicken salad sandwiches as something I can easily make at home, so I don’t normally consider them when out and about. However, I’m very happy that I gave it a shot.

The chicken salad was creamy and rich, with the almonds offering texture more than taste. The chicken was cubed rather than shredded, which gave the chicken salad a more robust feel. It hardly soaked into the bread at all, which was a huge plus. The celery and craisins rounded out the mixture and added little bursts of flavor and additional texture to the sandwich. The bread was a decent sourdough that was just a little crispy. As mentioned, tomato, lettuce, and sprouts rounded out the sandwich. I really didn’t taste the mustard until the end, but once the flavor hit it was a pretty typical deli offering. The pickle was nice and crisp and the strawberry was fresh and made for a nice little desert. 

Overall, it was a great little sandwich and I look forward to coming back and trying out some more of what the New York Deli has to offer. The price out the door was just a bit over $7.00.

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New York Deli Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich

New York Deli
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