Pasquale’s International Cafe [Turkey Sandwich]

Pasquale's International Cafe

We’re two for two on the Green Bay area recommendations and are hoping this trend continues. Last week it was the Grapevine Cafe. This week it was Pasquale’s International Cafe. Once again, the recommendation came from a fellow participant at the Tuesday night young professional’s networking group that gets together up there in Green Bay.

A Fun Diner/Cafe Atmosphere

Pasquale’s is situated at 305 Main Ave. in De Pere, so it was comparatively easy to find. It’s a fairly small establishment and for a Tuesday night was not too far off from being at full capacity. Luckily, we found a comfortable table along the wall toward the back of the eclectically decorated restaurant. The walls are covered with murals, vintage advertisements, memorabilia, airplane related decorations, and other novelties. It was fairly dark inside the restaurant, but not quite as dark as the photos would lead you to believe.  The pics make Pasquale’s look like a good candidate for a candlelit dinner for two, but in reality it was a very busy diner that just happened to have the lights turned down low and pretty awesome food.

Turkey Sandwiches and Pasquale’s Bread

Earlier that evening we were told we had to try the sandwiches, so we both gravitated to that part of the menu. However, that happened after we both noticed the highlighted gourmet bread portion of the menu. We’re both suckers for good bread. Big time. So it was obvious the moment we laid eyes on it that there was no way we were going to pass on the Pasquale’s Bread. Here’s why: garlic bread topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, provolone cheeses, and Italian spices, then broiled to perfection. $4.50. It was pretty damn good.

The turkey deli sandwich was a simple affair of smoked turkey breast piled high on lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and served on roll with bits of charred onion.  It came cold (on purpose) with a kosher pickle and in my case a cup of coleslaw. While it took a while for the food arrive, it was well worth the wait and the service was friendly. As it turns out, everything we had been lead to believe earlier in the night was true. The appetizer was great, the sandwiches were tasty, and the coleslaw (which is high up on my list of “hit and miss” menu items) was good.

All told, the price for two with the appetizer came out to about $19.00.  

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 Pasquale's International Cafe Turkey Sandwich


Pasquale’s International Cafe
305 Main Ave
De Pere, WI 54115 

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