Queen Bee [Chicken Kabob]

The Queen Bee Chicken Kabob

The Queen Bee was mentioned briefly as a potential THRIVE Coffee destination and it just so happened we had a few minutes to kill so what better to do with a few minutes than stop by and get a bite to eat? We have probably driven past the Queen Bee a hundred times over the past few weeks as we made the rounds in downtown Appleton. 

Chicken Kabob in a Pita Wrap

The specials are up on a whiteboard near the entrance and one jumped out at me immediately. So much so that I don’t even recall what else was on the board. As you may have guessed that was the chicken kabob. I hear “kabob” and I think “food on a stick” and I was in the mood for food on a stick. However, in Queen Bee parlance, “kabob” means chunks of pretty good food nestled in pita bread. In this instance it was generous chunks of peppered chicken and slabs of seared tomato with a bit of lettuce. Sides were a cup of chutney, salsa, and a mixed green salad. I wasn’t a big fan of the chutney (it was nice and fresh, just not my kind of thing) and the salad was, well, just a fresh salad. 

The kabob was basic fare. That’s no dig at the Queen Bee. I like basic. Quite often at home I’ll toss together some vegetables and chicken in a skillet and that’ll make for a solid dinner. The Queen Bee’s kabob reminded me a lot of this. So, in a way, it was a bit of comfort food on a snowy Tuesday that saw the Food in the Fox crew going from sunup to sundown.

Springtime in Wisconsin

We were a little surprised that the Queen Bee had so few diners given its downtown location and the fact it was lunchtime. But, to be fair, the Fox Valley had been suffering from a pretty serious blizzard all morning and the roads were downright evil (we almost got into two accidents within minutes of each other later that day).

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The Queen Bee Chicken Kabob


Queen Bee
216 E. College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911

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