Victoria’s Italian Cuisine [A Ton of Tasty Carbs]


Italian was on the menu for lunch on Friday and we have never been to Victoria’s Italian Cuisine in downtown Appleton, so that was the decided upon establishment.  We went at right around 11:30 and snuck in the back entrance, where there was a large lounge area filled with possibly the most comfortable looking  bar stools I have ever seen. I didn’t sit on one, but will one day go back to Victoria’s and enjoy a cocktail on one of those stool. It has officially been added to the Food In The Fox bucket list.


Once we found our way to the front of the restaurant, we were greeted and taken to a booth in the dining room.  There was a small lunch crowd, but  plenty of open tables. As we sat down, I noticed a large wine bottle on the table. My initial thought was, hell, its 5 o’clock somewhere and I grabbed the bottle to see that it was about. It was the wine menu wrapped around the large empty bottle of wine.  It was a clever way to promote the wines that they offered. The food menu was EXTENSIVE. They must have over 200 different items on the menu, ranging from a large pasta selection to homemade pizza to desserts.

Carbs With A Side Of Carbs

The waiter took our drink order and he came back with waters and a basket of fresh bread and butter. He was very polite and gave us plenty of time to read through the novel of a menu. It was a hard decision, but I decided on Linguini in Primavera Sauce with vegetables. We also had to get brushetta, because T’s determined to make sure he makes the best brushetta this side (and maybe the other side) of the Mississippi. The complimentary bread basket included warm rolls and garlic bread slices that were comparable in size to Lake Winnebago.

The brushetta came out soon after I finished the complimentary bread and wow. It was also huge. The tomatoes tasted as if they were marinated in oil and spices and the bread that the mix was on was similar to a pizza crust, warm and chewy. There were 4 large pieces and after one piece, I was already starting to get full. Then comes the main course, a plate of pasta that had to weigh at least 4-5 pounds. The sauce was garlicy and not too heavy and the vegetables were crunchy. I could only have a few bites before it felt like my clothes were going to explode.

To wrap up, we ended up walking out of the place, spending less than $30, stuffed to the gills and each carrying a to go bag (not just box) filled with most of our pastas and half of the brushetta. If I was withering away on a deserted island for a long period of time and was suddenly rescued, I would want my first (large) meal to be at Victoria’s.


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Victoria's Italian Cuisine


Victoria’s Italian Cuisine
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Appleton, WI 54911

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