Victoria’s Italian Cuisine [Fettuccine Saltivoka]

Victoria's Fettuccine Saltivoka

It was The Melting Pot vs. Victoria’s Italian Cuisine for lunch yesterday. Well, turns out The Melting Pot doesn’t open until later in the afternoon on weekdays, so Victoria’s won by default. I’m not a huge pasta person, so Victoria’s has been a bit lower down on the radar for a while now. However, it was a nice change of pace from the type of places we have been visiting lately. 

Massive Menu With Equally Massive Portions

Victoria's BruschettaUpon being seated we were immediately offered garlic bread and rolls, water, and our menus. Speaking of which, I’m not sure if there’s anything that could have prepared me for the exhausting array of menu items. More so, many of them were “build your own” specials that allowed you to choose a pasta, meat, and a dizzying array of sauces. After no small amount of deliberation, I opted for fettuccine with saltivoka. Saltivoka is shiitake and white cap mushrooms sautéed with green peppercorns in a cream and brandy sauce. As if the bread wasn’t enough, we opted to order bruschetta as an appetizer.

Bring Your Hungry

The portion size of pretty much everything borders on the obscene. As mentioned, you get two large slices of garlic bread and a couple of rolls upon sitting down. There’s a container of Parmesan cheese ready and waiting on the table. The bruschetta appetizer was the size of a small deep dish pizza and mounded high with tomato. My order of fettuccine saltivoka just by itself could have fed a small army. Unless you come here starving, there’s almost no way you are getting out of Victoria’s without a takeaway box or two.

Overall, I would describe the flavors of everything as mild. The bruschetta was quite good, but was missing a little something that would have kicked it up a notch (I’m a proponent of including goat or feta cheese with bruschetta). I felt the same way about the garlic bread and a very similar thought carried over to the fettuccine saltivoka. The mildness of the main dish was punctuated by the green peppercorns, of which there was an overabundance. On the upside, there was a generous application of shiitake and white caps. 

Overall, the service was very good, the food — while a bit mild — came in abundance, the prices were not bad ($27 for two including the appetizer) considering you pretty much get two meals each out of it, and the atmosphere was nice enough.

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 Victoria's Fettuccine Saltivoka


Victoria’s Italian Cuisine
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Appleton, WI 54911

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