Bradke’s Restaurant [Mushroom & Swiss Omelet]

Bradke's Mushroom Omelet

After a fun round of networking on a brisk Thursday morning we began cruising around for a place to eat breakfast. Our random path led us down through Menasha and into Neenah where we noticed the large EAT sign sitting on top of Bradke’s Restaurant. Having little to no willpower, we decided to do exactly what the sign told us to do. The willpower test also failed last night with a trip to Vande Walle’s, after which there may or may not have been some pizza. Anyway…

A Sign From the Food Gods

Not only did we choose our destination based on a six foot tall sign beaming down from the heavens that said EAT, I also fell off the semi-healthy wagon. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was ran over by the wagon just moments after falling off and said wagon is now somewhere in Mongolia (Mmmmmm… HuHot) and won’t be back around this way for some time. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad. Well, yeah, it was that bad. Cheese and eggs and butter and carbs and more. I’m not eating for the rest of the day.

So, what tempted me off the wagon? A mushroom and Swiss omelet with a side of American fries and two large slabs of buttered rye toast. Could I have done without the cheese? Yup. Could I have skipped the greasy American fries? Of course. But I didn’t. A moment of weakness, I’m afraid. However, I’m happy to report the food was pretty good. The omelet was plenty large, with a thick slab of Swiss cheese on the top along with some additional Swiss folded into the middle. It was mushroom-ified, but not excessively. The American fries were not too greasy, but I did slather some butter on the top. I mean, heck, might as well go all-in, right? The rye toast was also good, although the Texas toast that was delivered to the other side of the table looked pretty darn good. Plus, the price for all this was decent and the service was friendly and quick. For two large breakfast meals the total came in under $16.00.

I really only have one complaint and that’s because the top on the ketchup bottle was not secured. With a telltale *bloop* the top fell off the bottle onto my plate and into a pile of ketchup.

- T

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Bradke's Mushroom Omelet


Bradke’s Restaurant
1022 Main Street
Neenah, WI 54956

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