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THRIVE Lunch today was at the newly opened second location of Chicago Grill on Ballard Street in Appleton. The original Chicago Grill location is in downtown Appleton at 110 South Locust Street.  It is really great to see a local restaurant growing here  in the Fox Valley. Anyways, having been to the restaurant that previously occupied the space (Greek Cafe), I was curious to try the newly opened Chicago/Mediterranean style grill, having never tried the original location downtown.

Hummus or Chicken Parmesan or Quesadilla?

There was a bit of a line when I walked in at around 11:15, but it gave me plenty of time to look through the menu. There were maybe 10-15 tables in the place, which were filled with familiar THRIVE faces. The layout and overall interior didn’t change much from the previous restaurant. A few things on the menu caught my attention, such as the Chicken Parmesan (chicken breast, provolone cheese, Parmesan, oregano pizza sauce, sautéed onions and mushrooms) and the Hummus (a delicious blend of ground chick peas and tahini topped with imported olive oil and spices served with pita bread). I decided on the Chicken Quesadilla, which I thought was a wrap (it was under the ‘wrap’ section of the menu), but turned out to be a traditional quesadilla.

Taking into consideration the number of people that were in the restaurant, my food came out only 5-10 minutes after I ordered, which was good, because I was getting hungry watching everyone around me eat. The quesadilla consisted of a tomato basil tortilla grilled with sautéed onions & mushrooms, cheese and chicken. It also came with a side of lettuce, tomato and ranch. The cheese was melted perfectly and the mushrooms and onions really added good flavor to the toasty quesadilla. The chicken was a bit salty, but it was still very good. It was a generous portion and I was glad I decided to go without the side of french fries. It was a good price too, only $5.99 for the large meal. I will probably return to try additional items on the menu.


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 Chicago Grill


Chicago Grill
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Appleton, WI 54911

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