Dong Po Restaurant [Monkey Roll]

Dong Po Monkey Roll

Dong Po is the home of Chef Chen, who according to the menu assisted with the opening of Confucius in Appleton where he worked as the main chef. Leaving Confucius to found Dong Po, Chef Chen dishes out sushi and other favorites from his location on College Ave. at Richmond. Speaking of the menu, it’s 11 pages. Prices range from about $10.00 to $13.00 on average, but there are selections both below and above this price point. 

Monkey Rolls

The more I eat sushi the more I like it. Starting with ‘safe’ sushi like Philadelphia and California rolls, I have since decided to expand my sushi horizons by ordering some of the more unusual combinations. Tonight’s experiment was the Monkey Roll. Here was my logic: monkey bread is awesome, so Monkey Rolls must also be pretty good. Eh? Not buying that? Okay, but that thought did cross my mind as I was reading the menu. The Monkey Roll is shrimp tempura topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, and eel. The roll was also topped with sauces. 

Dong Po has a number of house special rolls that range in price from $9.95 (Spider Roll) to $12.95 (Ocean Roll). If you want more of a selection, you can go with typical fare like the California Roll, Philly Roll, Yellowtail Roll, and many others. Prices for the standard rolls range from $4.25 to $6.95. So what do you get for your $11.95 order of Monkey Rolls? Eight very tasty and elaborate pieces of sushi along with a bit of wasabi and not enough ginger. Low sodium soy sauce is also available for the asking. 

On the downside, it took a few minutes to get seated and once seated it didn’t take long to wish for something a little softer to sit on than the flat wooden chairs. Otherwise, the interior of Dong Po is relaxing and relatively quiet for being a fairly busy Saturday evening. The restaurant is lit with a dim yellow light and the white marble table tops are a nice touch. It took about 18 to 20 minutes to receive the sushi after ordering (the waitress warned of the wait).

In conclusion, the Monkey Roll was quite good, but pricey for what it was. For the same money you can head over to Jet Sushi and enjoy excellent all you can eat sushi PLUS anything you want to order special. However, Dong Po does have a more refined dining experience.

Tonight’s Fortune

“You will be rewarded for being a good listener this week.”

- T

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Dong Po Monkey Roll


Dong Po Restaurant
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Appleton, WI 54914

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