Jansen’s Bar & Restaurant [Chicken Lite]

Jansen's Chicken Sandwich Lite

After a two or three week absence we finally managed to head down to Oshkosh for the Wednesday THRIVE Lunch. Today, THRIVE Lunch was at Jansen’s Bar & Restaurant on Bowen Street. We were surprised to find that Jansen’s is something of an Oshkosh institution. Most of the people at our table were regulars and we soon found out why.

Hesitation Leads to Great Pub Food

Honestly, we were a little dubious as we pulled up to Jansen’s. It looks a like any other bar you might find on a backstreet in any Midwestern city and as such we actually pulled over quick to double-check if this was the intended destination. It was. We went in and found a fairly typical bar/restaurant combo and took a seat. As our table filled up with some Jansen’s regulars, our hesitations were quickly put to rest. It turned out Jansen’s has a long history and a great reputation in the Oshkosh area for pub food. 

Holding back the temptation to order something awesome like a steak sandwich and fries, I managed to settle for the Chicken Lite sandwich. Usually the word “lite” translates into “blah” but not this time. The sandwich consists of boneless, skinless charbroiled chicken breast served on lightly grilled French bread with your choice of soup, salad, or potato. I went with the salad, which was super crisp. You can also Supreme it for $1.00 and add Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes (which I did). It also came with a couple of orange slices and a pickle. Overall, there’s not a great deal more one could ask for in a simple chicken sandwich and I was pretty pleased with what I ordered. However, I was a little bit envious as I looked around the table and saw the French dip sandwich mounded with French fries. Oh well, maybe next time.

 After packing it away at Jansen’s, we ended up heading to Tamara’s the Cake Guru for desert.

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 Jansen's Chicken Sandwich Lite

Jansen's Salad


Jansen’s Bar & Restaurant
344 Bowen Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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