Jansen’s Bar & Restaurant [Chicken Ranch Salad]


Food in the Fox had the pleasure of seeing some familiar faces (and meeting some new ones) after traveling to Oshkosh today for a THRIVE lunch at Jansen’s Bar & Restaurant located on 344 Bowen Street a few blocks away from Lake Winnebago.  The older tavern is located in mostly a residential area, but was relatively easy to find. We walked in and the place definitely gave off more of a bar feel than a restaurant, but there were a dozen or so tables and a few booths and they had a table setup for the THRIVE lunch group.

Bar, Dessert, & History

 There was a long list of specials on one menu board and on another, there was a long list of desserts, which seemed a bit odd, because there usually are not many desserts offered at bars, besides Grasshopper ice cream drinks and margaritas. The menu was filled with all kinds of tasty looking items. A few of the people at lunch, gave us a run down of the history of the place, which, I guess has been around for many years. One lady mentioned that her parents came here every Friday for about 20 years for fish. That’s loyalty.

Cupcake on the Brain, Oh- AND a Salad

I decided on going with something healthy, after the discussion lead to talking about a new cupcake place in town, which without a doubt, we were trying out after lunch. I went with the daily special, the Chicken Ranch Salad, which was lettuce (shocker), cherry tomatoes, onion, black olives, cheddar cheese and grilled chicken with a side of white toast. It also came with about a half-gallon of ranch dressing on the side, which you can see in the top right hand side of the picture below. The food didn’t take to long, which was bit strange because it looked like there was only one cook in the halfway open kitchen (kudos to him!). The salad was a typical grilled chicken salad, nothing over the top, but I definitely finished every last cabbage piece on the plate. It was around $8.50 for the salad and I would probably check out the place again.

Now, about that cupcake place


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Jansen’s Bar & Restaurant
344 Bowen Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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