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Jet Sushi

UPDATE 11/8/2013: Jet Sushi Buffet is under new ownership and is now called Island Sushi Buffet. The menu and aesthetics have changed a bit, but the concept remains the same.

I’ve been slacking a little bit. A while back M wrote her review of Jet Sushi and somehow I have neglected to do the same, even though we’ve been to Jet a few times since that original post. First off, if you don’t like sushi, you won’t get much out of Jet since that’s pretty much all they serve. Second off, if you love sushi, there’s no way you’re going to want to miss this hidden gem.

A Unique Sushi Presentation

Jet is unique in that the presentation is nothing like anything else in the Fox Valley (if there is something similar, we surely want to know about it). Here’s the story. From the outside, Jet looks like any other hole-in-the-wall sushi joint. Once you walk in all that changes. While not the fanciest place in the Valley, it is rather unique. There’s an island in the middle of the restaurant around which little boats float around the perimeter conveyor belt style. In the middle of the island is the owner/chef Eddie assembling sushi and placing it on plates that are on the little boats. You take a seat, get situated, and then start grabbing whatever you would like off the boats as they float past.

We Love Jet Sushi

It’s no secret we love Jet Sushi. It is, by far, our favorite sushi place in the Valley. Not only can you sit there and get your fill for about $12.00 (look for coupons in local money saver magazines if you want to spend less), Eddie will make you something special at no additional charge. Want some spider or dragon rolls? No problem, just ask and they will be in front of you in a few minutes. 

In addition to multiple types of sushi, you may also find the following floating by: strawberries, slices of orange, cake, cream puffs, crab rangoon, kimchi, piles of green stuff I have yet to identify (or try), and those soybean pod things (edamame). You’ll also find the counter stocked with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, and chopsticks. Speaking of, chopsticks are the default eating utensil. If you need a fork you’ll have to ask. Beverages are also self-serve after the first, so don’t be shy about getting up and grabbing yourself a refill when needed.

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Jet Sushi
N 162 Eisenhower Dr # 300
Appleton, WI 54915

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