Kaukauna Restaurant [French Toast]

Kaukauna Family Restaurant French Toast

This is pretty much how this morning’s breakfast conversation went:

M: “I don’t want eggs again for breakfast.”

T: “That’s fine. Let’s go get something else.”

We drive somewhere new and walk in and look at the menu.

M: “They don’t have any eggs.” 

T: “That’s why we’re here. You didn’t want eggs.”

M: “But why don’t they have eggs? Let’s go somewhere that has eggs.”

T: “Uh… okay.”

We leave and drive to Kaukauna Family Restaurant.

Something Other Than Eggs

After the “I don’t want eggs but I really do want eggs” debacle, we found ourselves at the Kaukauna Family Restaurant (KFR) right there on Highway 55 (technically KFR is on Crooks Ave.). I was still in “no eggs” mode and forced myself to look past the usual omelets and skillets into the more carb-heavy section of the menu. The Alaskan Waffle (vanilla ice cream on a waffle) sounded really good, but also pretty heavy duty for such early morning fare. I’m also not much of a pancake fan, so I glossed over those offerings and went on to the French toast section. It was here I had to make the biggest decision of the day: did I want strawberries, bananas, pecans, or something else on my French toast? I opted for pecans sprinkled over two nice and thick slices. 

As usual, I started playing with my food before taking a picture, so the round blob of butter so neatly presented in the middle of the toast got a little mushed up before I remembered to pull out the camera. Yes, dozens of meals after starting Food in the Fox we both still forget to take a photo on occasion. As French toast goes, it was pretty good. It wasn’t overly eggy and it may have been a touch dry, but that’s what the syrup and butter are for. Was it the best French toast I ever had? No. Was it not eggs? Yup. Well, sort of. It had egg on it. Speaking of, M ordered a skilletwith scrambled eggs.

Sugar free syrup was available upon request. 

- T

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Kaukauna Family Restaurant French Toast


Kaukauna Family Restaurant
1011 Crooks Ave.
Kaukauna, WI 54130

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