Mark’s East Side [Salad Bar]

Mark's East Side Salad Bar

Another Monday, another THRIVE Lunch! This time it was at Mark’s East Side on the far end of Wisconsin where Appleton starts turning into Little Chute. Mark’s is something of a local institution (Mark’s has been family owned and operated since 1967) and is famous not only for good food in general, but also for their warm bacon salad dressing. Between fun conversations that ranged from the complexities of clothes dryers eating socks to sign maintenance and repair in the Green Bay market, we managed to give some of the food a try.

Salad & Soup (and Hollow Muffin Rolls)

A super tasty looking dish was the corned beef and cabbage, which was a table favorite. At least three or four people on our end of the table ordered the traditional dish. However, since I’m trying to cut down on the salt, I opted for the salad bar. The soup was bean and ham, which I didn’t try but was told was very tasty. Everything on the salad bar was fresh, there was plenty of everything to go around during a busy lunch session, and there were a few interesting accompaniments.

One of those accompaniments was the warm bacon salad dressing. Given the whole salt thing, I allowed myself only a teaspoon or so of the savory bacon salad dressing. It was way too good. I seriously wanted to cut the top off one of those hollow muffin roll things and fill it up with bacon dressing, but I resisted. Speaking of, Mark’s has a bin of these unusual dinner rolls that are baked in muffin tins. This technique made for a very light, buttery, and flaky dinner roll with a bit of a crusty exterior. As mentioned, the muffin-like tops were completely hollow and were begging to be filled with a rich whipped cream (or the warm bacon salad dressing).

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Mark's East Side Salad Bar


Mark’s East Side
1405 E. Wisconsin Avenue 
Appleton, WI 54911

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