Molly’s Cafe & Catering [Breakfast Wrap]

Molly's Breakfast Wrap

THRIVE Coffee this morning took place at Molly’s Cafe & Catering in Kimberly. This place is so easy to miss and miss it I did. I’ve driven past this location dozens of time and never noticed the small diner tucked away in a mini mall behind Kwik Trip, just down the road from Chocolate & Coffee.

Really Good Coffee, an OK Veggie Wrap

However tempted I may have been by the Early Bird Special (two eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee for $3.25), I ended up opting for the breakfast wrap, which was a meat of choice, scrambled eggs, onions, peppers, and cheese. I passed on the meat and went with an all-veggie wrap, up to and including the wrap itself. The green veggie wrap was a little crusty (a pet peeve of mine), but tasted decent. A little meat or a side of American fries would have added much to the flavor, but I didn’t feel like adding calories quite that early in the morning. The wrap wasn’t very big for $4.95, but hey, it’s breakfast. How much does a person really need to eat at 7:00 in the morning when there’s an entire day planned, half of which involves hanging out at eating establishments of one type or another?

Smooth Coffee

The highlight of the morning wasn’t the wrap (I would probably not order it again). It was the smooth coffee and the service. The service was fast and very friendly; the coffee never had a chance to go cold and it literally took just a few minutes to receive our plates after placing the order. Speaking of the coffee, it was easily the best restaurant coffee I have had in recent memory. Keep in mind I’m not a huge ‘coffee person’ so that’s not really saying much, but my partner in crime is a coffee aficionado of sorts and also mentioned the coffee was unusually good.

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Molly's Breakfast Wrap


Molly’s Cafe & Catering
700 Schelfhout Lane
Kimberly, WI 54136

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