Molly’s Cafe & Catering [Early Bird Special]


THRIVE Coffee was close to home for me today, just up the road at Molly’s Cafe in Kimberly. The snowy conditions made the short drive a bit longer, but either way, it was nice to check out a new, locally owned place for breakfast. The cafe was in an L-shape and the kitchen was located right in the middle. There was also a dessert cooler to the right of the door, which was home to some fabulous looking pies and cakes.

There was a large table setup for THRIVE  and the waitress was prompt to offer us coffee as soon as we sat down. For a typical cafe, the coffee was amazing. It was smooth, fresh, and the perfect temperature and was a nice surprise on a chilly, snowy March day. What made the coffee even better, was the flavored creamers on the table. Most cafes and restaurants have regular creamers, but seeing blue French Vanilla creamers on the table is really something to get excited about.

I Will Be An Early Bird For $3.25

There was also a super cheap early bird specials. Two eggs (done your way), toast, bacon and coffee for $3.25? The downside? The early bird part. This special is only good from 6:00AM to 8:00AM. You will not find a better deal at most places here in the Valley. This is what I decided on and it was on the table minutes after I ordered. I donated my bacon to another THRIVE’r and dug into the toast and scrambled eggs. There was nothing overly special about the breakfast, but it was filling and looked a bit more appealing than what Sir T had on his plate. The overall service was good and the food was priced right.

- M

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Molly’s Cafe & Catering
700 Schelfhout Lane
Kimberly, WI 54136

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