Rico’s Family Restaurant [Seafood Salad]

Rico's Seafood Salad

We almost didn’t stop in at Rico’s Family Restaurant. For one, I was not super excited about eating at yet another family restaurant because we’ve been in a little bit of a family diner rut lately. Plus, I was hoping for something other than a salad. So, what happened? We ate at a family diner and ordered salads. Turns out I’m glad we did, because Rico’s seafood salad was easily the best salad I have had in the past three or four weeks. Simply put, I was not expecting a salad like this from a homey small town place like Rico’s. 

A Hearty Seafood Salad

Rico’s has a pretty nice menu. There’s a lot of variety and a few items not typically offered by diners, such as stir fries. While several things looked good, better judgement got the best of me and I went with a salad. When ordering the salad I was more-or-less expecting a couple deep-fried shrimp tossed on top of a bed of lackluster lettuce with a couple of cherry tomatoes mixed in for good measure. What I received was something entirely different … and much better.

Pretty much everything about Rico’s seafood salad was big.  Buttery jumbo shrimp and big slabs of mock crab sat alongside plenty of fresh lettuce, big slices of tomato, thick cuts of green pepper, and some white onion. Nothing about the salad tasted “fishy” or out-of-place and the amount of shrimp and crab was surprisingly generous. It turned out almost like having a shrimp plate with a side salad. A number of dressings were available,  including low-fat ranch. The low-fat ranch turned out to be a couple of packs of Newman’s Own light ranch dressing (120 calories per packet and 18% of your recommended daily salt intake). 

The best part? This salad came in at around $8.00. So not only was it good, fresh, and plenty, it was inexpensive for what it was. Really, if I were to see the photo below without context, I would have thought this seafood salad was definitely NOT from a family style diner on a side street in a small town north of Appleton. 

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Rico's Seafood Salad


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