Rico’s Family Style Restaurant [Chicken Ceasar Salad]

Rico's Family Restaurant

Food in the Fox was at Copper Rock north this morning to get some work done and we thought that we never travel north for food. So north it was. We traveled north on Ballard Road (note, Copper Rock is not ON Ballard road) and after driving for about 5 miles through numerous snow drifts, we decided to take a turn and head towards Freedom. We pulled into the small town and noticed a few bars and a deli, but no restaurants. We drove a bit further and came to Rico’s Family Restaurant. Before Rico’s there was a place we also took into consideration, but decided against it because it mainly served good (unhealthy) food.

When we walked in, the small family style dinner was almost full. We found an empty booth near the kitchen and were greeted by a waitress who seem to be going 100 miles per hour. The menu was much larger than I had expected. It was filled with things such as stir fry, broasted chicken, breakfast items, desserts and sandwiches of all sorts. One thing that caught my eye was the seafood salad. It was shrimp, crab, onion and green pepper on a bed of lettuce. This was a bit ‘off’ the salad beaten path, as most restaurants only have the traditional chef and garden salads.  Anyways, I passed on the seafood salad and went with something good and boring, a chicken caesar salad.

Crouton Salad

As the picture below highlights, the salad was overflowing with fresh and crunchy croutons, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The onion, green pepper, tomato, lettuce and chicken were covered in fresh Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing came on the side of the fresh salad. If there would not have been so many croutons, I would have been upset that the salad didn’t come with bread, but the croutons cured my carbohydrate fix. The chicken was similar to fajita chicken, in how it was cut and how it tasted. It was satisfactory and the vegetables on the salad were fresh. 

The salad was delicious and I give the waitress credit. I over heard her on the phone and it turns out she was the only waitress in the place. There was only an empty table or two, so that explains why she was running like a chicken with her head cut off. Kudos to the waitress and to the restaurant in general for being a great place to run across in the small town of Freedom.


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N3994 Columbia Ave

Freedom, WI 54130

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