Sergio’s Restaurant [Chicken Fajita Wrap]

Sergio's Chicken Fajita Wrap

UPDATE 9/6/2013: Sergio’s is now closed and has become Mojito’s.

The Food in the Fox team has been to a number of Mexican-style restaurants over the past few months. We’ve done El Jaripeo in Little Chute a couple of time, El Jaripeo in Greenville (right next to The Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe), and Sangria’s in Appleton. A week ago, half the team had an opportunity to hit up Sergio’s Grill & Restaurant as part of the THRIVE Lunch crew. THRIVE had a busy schedule that week with THRIVE Coffee the next day and THRIVE After Five at Gilligan’s in Neenah the following Thursday, so the turnout was a little lower than normal; only 11 people showed.

Chicken Fajitas and Chicken Quesadilla

When I wander into a Mexican restaurant I typically go for the ‘safe’ dishes like chicken fajitas and chicken quesadilla. My experience at Sergio’s was no different. After paging through the menu I opted for the Chicken Fajita Wrap. The fajita featured grilled chicken breast, sautéed onions, red peppers, green peppers, and chipotle mayo on a whole wheat tortilla. The side items offered were French fries, potato wedges, or a baked potato. I mustered up the willpower to pass on the side items,  but I did get to take advantage of the unlimited salad bar. The salad bar is small, but everything on it was fresh and tasty. There was more than one positive comment at the table in regards to the salad.

As far as the wrap, the chipotle mayo didn’t stand out too much, but the ingredients in the wrap itself were definitely nice and fresh. Overall the taste, texture, and presentation of the wrap reminded me of something I might make at home if I were feeling extraordinarily ambitious and hungry. Fortunately for Sergio’s, I’m almost never that ambitious (but I am often that hungry). The wrap was also plenty big and the whole wheat tortilla was soft and supple (I can’t stand “crunchy” corners on my wraps). Some added zip to the chipotle mayo would really help the wrap stand out, but that’s more of a personal preference kind of a thing. As you may remember, one of my favorites parts of the Sangria’s experience was the chipotle ranch sauce.

Tortilla chips and two types of salsa were also on the table, as well. I’m trying to cut down on sodium, so I did not have the opportunity try either, but by the way the bowls were quickly emptying I can only assume the contents were quite agreeable with my fellow THRIVE’rs. 

Trying Something New the Next Time

The verdict? I’m going to give Sergio’s another go and this time expand my Mexican cuisine horizons a little bit and order a Poco Loco (ground beef and melted cheese between two corn tortillas and covered with sauce, lettuce, tomato  green onions, and more cheese) or the Cancun (two seafood enchiladas in a creamy sauce with melted cheese, lettuce,  tomato,  green onions, a hard shell seafood taco, Mexi-Rice, and …. hold on the refried beans). 

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Sergio's Chicken Fajita Wrap


Sergio’s Grill & Restaurant
2639 South Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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  1. Sounds new to my appetite. It would be great to see what this restaurant could offer. Since I’m not really acquinted with Mexican food and this one would probably take me to a new level of dining experience.

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