Tamara’s the Cake Guru [Cotton Candy Cupcake]

Tamara's the Cake Guru Cotton Candy Cupcake

Our original plan for the day was to head to the Caramel Crisp Cafe after our Jansen’s visit to snag one of the awesome cupcakes, but fate had other ideas. While at Jansen’s we were made aware of a shop that was doing a brisk cupcake business and we had better hurry in before they sold out for the day. Never ones to shrug off the challenge of a new cupcake, we made our way down to Tamara’s the Cake Guru’s shop on Oregon Street. 

Biggest Decision I Made All Day

Upon walking into Tamara’s we were greeted by the almost heavenly smell of a cake shop. We were also greeted by a number of display cakes that range from serious wedding cakes to whimsical cakes for special occasions. However, my attention was almost immediately diverted from the cakes (it’s more fun to eat cake than look at it) to the display case. It was overflowing with a variety of cupcakes, each of which looked slightly better than the one sitting next to it. This, of course, created a physics-defying infinite loop of growing taste expectations. I would not be disappointed.

If there’s anything at all “wrong” with Tamara’s, it’s that there’s way too many cupcakes from which to choose and my calorie conscious was forcing me to pick just one. While I finally settled on the cotton candy cupcake, I was sorely tempted by the salted caramel, the Peep cupcake complete with a Peep perched on the top, the Milky Way cupcake, and the Blue Moon (my favorite ice cream as a kid).

Fortunately, I didn’t end up having to live with tasting just one cupcake. My partner graciously agreed that we should both split our cupcakes to expand our cupcake horizons. So, between my cotton candy cupcake (no cotton candy tuft for M; I kept it all) and her cherry cheesecake cupcake, we were set. Now that this post is almost over I guess I can reveal how they tasted: AWESOME! The cake was nice and moist, the frosting on both was great, and the presentation in the pink wrappers on the pink plates was fun. The cake didn’t even stick to the wrapper, which was a nice bonus.

Cupcake cost? $2.50 each. Oh, and I forgot to mention both cupcakes were filled. The cherry cheesecake had cherry filling and the cotton candy cupcake had cream. 

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Tamara's the Cake Guru Cotton Candy Cupcake


Tamara’s the Cake Guru
1529 Oregon Street
Oshkosh, WI 54902

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