Taste of Thai [Lunch Buffet]

Taste of Thai Lunch Buffet

So far, we’ve been incredibly lucky with our dining experiences throughout the Fox Valley. There have been only a couple of places that left us unsatisfied for one reason or another and usually we still manage to pull out a few good highlights from the experience. However,  today we had the almost ‘perfect storm’ of unfortunate dining experiences at Taste of Thai in downtown Appleton on College. 

No Service, No Food, No Coming Back

Come lunch time, we found ourselves at Harmony Cafe, just down the street from Taste of Thai. Rather than hang out in the cafe for lunch, we decided to try something new and Thai won out over Josef’s Gyros. We walked into Taste of Thai and noted it was fairly busy, but no more busy than Harmony was when we gave up our booth to the lunch crowd. We were shown to our table quickly and given water and unknowingly said our goodbyes to the waitress because she would never be seen again. Okay, water it was.

The buffet consisted of an empty rice cooker, six empty heat trays (other than what sauces and remnants previous diners left behind), some chicken noodle soup, and strawberry pastry desserts (which were not bad). Disappointed, we returned our plates to the stack and went back to the table to wait it out. As we waited we entertained the idea of ordering off the menu but ultimately decided against it. Eventually the buffet was restocked and we waited a little longer for the mad dash to die down before taking our turn. When that time came, we filled our plates with an extremely limited selection that consisted of various combinations of sauces, noodles, curry, chicken, egg rolls, rice, and other Thai staples.

When The Food Arrived

The food was … edible. I ended my second and last plate by picking the cashews and chicken out of the mostly tasteless cashew chicken stir fry and leaving the rest. The potato curry was barely touched after trying a couple of the potatoes. Perhaps the best item on the buffet ended up being the chicken curry puffs, which were little deep fried triangles stuffed with of ground chicken, mixed vegetables, and curry. As mentioned, the pastries were also decent.

Despite the good things we have heard about Taste of Thai, the chances of return are roughly zero. The lunch buffet runs $6.95, which makes the price right if you get luckier with your experience.

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Taste of Thai Lunch Buffet


Taste of Thai
321 E College Ave.
Appleton, WI 54911

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