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Food in the Fox was downtown Appleton today and we were having a hard time deciding on where to grab lunch. After walking around for a bit, we decided on Taste of Thai. We walked into the place and were ‘acknowledged’ and lead to a table in the relatively busy restaurant. The waitress immediately poured water and didn’t bother to ask if we would like anything else to drink. She also asked us if we were going to have the buffet and we said yes, a decision we shortly after regretted.

Buffet Minus Food

Walking up to the small buffet, we noticed that there was not an ounce of food on it. Even the rice cooker was empty. This is the first time I have ever been to an ethnic buffet that had NO food on it. There were a few dessert sticks, which I grabbed and headed back to the table.  We waited patiently for them to bring out new food for the buffet and when they did, it was like a swarm of bees. Being I was pretty hungry at this time, I went to the host stand to grab a menu to look through, since the lunch buffet was not looking too promising. There were a few salads that caught my attention, but were a bit pricey, coming in at about $12 for a Salad.

The staff was busy cleaning off tables and did not bother to come ask us why we did not have plates of food in front of us. We decided to go with the buffet, probably because our waitress had forgot about us and would not be back to take our order. The second attempt of the buffet was a bit more successful that the first attempt. There was rice and a few other meat and vegetable dishes as well as some egg rolls and triangle deep fried morsels. 

Thai In My Eye

While I was eating, I somehow managed to get some of the sauce in my eye, which burned terribly. I thought the Thai food was going to blind me. This definitely did not add to the overall experience. The food (what there was of it) was average at best. The waitress never came back to check on us, which is probably good she didn’t because I would have had some choice words. The only good thing about the buffet experience? The price $6.95 for what a person could scrap out of the bottom of the metal containers.

I doubt I will be returning to Taste of Thai anytime soon.


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Taste of Thai
321 E College Ave.
Appleton, WI 54911

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