The Red Ox [Chicken & Mushroom Potato]

The Red Ox Chicken & Mushroom Stuffed Potato

We’ve taken to asking pretty much everyone we meet where their favorite place is to eat in the Fox Valley. We’ve been keeping a running list and after we hear the same location a few times we figure it must be pretty good so we make it the next target if our little culinary adventure here. The latest on the list was The Red Ox, a supper club located on S. Oneida Street in Appleton. 

Rather Unique Menu Items

The Red Ox MenuThe Red Ox definitely feels like a supper club, but at the same time doesn’t feel like those stodgy places my parents used to drag me to in the 1980s. Upon walking in you’re greeted with a few stairs in a breezeway which leads into a bar area. A little farther back is a dining room filled with perhaps the comfiest restaurant chairs in the Fox Valley.

Upon examining the menu we were both surprised at the somewhat unique variety of offerings. Sure, the old super club standbys like prime rib and turkey clubs were to be had, but there was also “8oz Haddock One of 14 Different Ways” and stuffed baked potatoes. Yeah, stuffed baked potatoes. I was sold.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

You can get your potato stuffed with chicken and mushrooms; crab and asparagus; chicken and asparagus; chicken, asparagus, and crab; or ham and broccoli. Each one of these stuffed carbohydrate bombs is topped with a buttery Hollandaise sauce (so much for eating healthy today). I decided to play it “safe” and went with the chicken and mushrooms.

I must say, when my meal arrived I was a little taken aback. It looked… dubious. Approximately 10 seconds later my apprehensiveness at the butter-soaked pile of lumpy looking calories turned into delight. It tasted way better than it looked and as I slowly worked through my lunch I was making a mental checklist of the ingredients that would be required to make this at home. I was also making a mental checklist of how many days it was going to be before I could eat again after finishing this thing off. But, I bet you could get a relatively low calorie and tasty meal out of this if you took it easy on the sauces, oils, and butters. After all, it’s just some chicken breast, mushrooms, and a potato.

The only thing I was missing was some bread to sop up the Hollandaise (like I needed a calorie mop). Oh, and it also came with a nice salad with a thick raspberry vinaigrette, but I had quickly forgotten all about the rabbit food once the stuffed potato landed on the table. 

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The Red Ox Chicken & Mushroom Stuffed Potato

The Red Ox Salad


The Red Ox
2318 S. Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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