The Red Ox [Stuffed Crab Stuffed Avocados]


So many people have recommended The Red Ox on the south side of Appleton and finally on Friday that was the decided upon lunch destination.  We walked in a bit after 11:00 and there were only a few other tables in the large dining room.  The decor was floral filled and traditional and the tables were lined with glass. The chairs were colorful and very comfortable for restaurant chairs. If you have not noticed, I have this weird obsession with restaurant seating.

Escargot Anyone?

The menu was slightly different from other restaurants in the area, featuring items such as Cold Cucumbers Boats, consisting of cold cucumbers peeled & stuffed with fresh crab or ham salad then dusted with Shredded Cheddar & Mozzarella cheeses and Escargot baked with garlic butter & seasoned bread crumbs. Also on the menu, if you were looking to spend a bit more, they had South African Cold Water Lobster with drawn butter, which the menu described as ‘cold water tails are only caught three different places in the world and once you have tried one it will be hard to go back to warm water lobster tails. Treat yourself to the best lobster available.’  Lobster is one of the few foods that I am allergic to, so I had to pass on the pricey entrée.

Greens For Lunch

Being an avid avocado fan, I decided that stuffed avocados seemed the way to go. The lunch plate consisted of fresh Avocados stuffed with homemade crab  salad, dusted with shredded Cheddar & Mozzarella and finished with ripe olives. The avocado was cut in half and served on a bed of lettuce and there was also a piece of home-made bread on the side. They lighter style lunch was flavorful and the presentation was unique and it didn’t break the bank, coming in at $9.99. I never thought that the combination of avocado and crab salad would have been as tasty as it was. I look forward to going back to the Red Ox to try other unique menu items.

- M

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The Red Ox
2318 S. Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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