Beefeaters [Jameson Chicken Sandwich]

Beefeaters Jameson Chicken

We’ve been to Beefeaters a few times now and each time I would rate it as pretty good. Out of that entire family of restaurants, I would have to say Pullmans and Good Company rate the highest. Ironically, we have been to both of those establishments and have done a review on neither (a good excuse to go back!). Anyway, we were at Beefeaters with a few friends to check out a presentation by LiveSmart 360. During the presentation we enjoyed leisurely lunch.

“There’s no way I’m ordering a salad.”

I decided I was NOT going to order my 350th salad of 2013 and instead glossed over those and headed straight to the sandwich section. Still wanting to at least pretend to eat healthy, I opted for the Jameson Chicken Sandwich. The menu describes the Jameson as grilled chicken breast served on a toasted bun over a pesto mayo with a hint of Jameson Irish Whiskey. A ‘hint’ is right, because I don’t recall the sandwich tasting like anything other than a good grilled chicken sandwich. The pesto mayo was tasty, but the blob they tossed on the chicken was a little much and most of it had to be scraped to the side. I noted a fellow lunch-goer also scraped most of the pesto mayo off his grilled chicken, as well.

The Jameson Chicken Sandwich had several available sides (waffle fries, kettle chips, etc.), but I went with coleslaw. During my last review of Beefeaters I had fish n’ chips with a side of coleslaw and recall describing the coleslaw as “a shade iffy.” I have to say it’s still not my favorite ‘slaw in the valley, but that didn’t stop me from finishing it off. For an additional 99 cents you can skip the standard sides and go for onion rings, jacket potato (baked potato), shepherd’s mashed potatoes, or mozzarella sticks. 

All in all? A pretty decent lunch. Relatively healthy compared to some of the other items on the menu and with a final price that came in at $8.99 before tax, title, and license. On a side note, the other two people at my table ordered salads and both dishes looked great.

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Beefeaters Jameson Chicken


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Appleton, WI 54913

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