Frogg’s Ice Cream [Ice Cream With Crunch]

Frogg's Ice Cream

Saturday was a good day. Why? Frogg’s Ice Cream in Sherwood (right on Highway 55) opened for the season!  But if you are a Frogg’s fan, you probably already knew that. 

I drive Frogg’s on an almost daily basis and I have to say, temptation strikes nearly every single time. There was no temptation Saturday. There was no temptation because I KNEW I was going to end up at Frogg’s. So, in preparation I spent the morning doing a 6.2 mile walk around High Cliff State Park while patiently waiting for the ice cream shop to open at noon. At roughly 12:30 I was sitting behind Frogg’s perusing the menu. A couple of minutes later I had a vanilla dish with crunch. A couple of minutes after that it was gone (but not before sending a pic to M for the jealousy factor).

Frogg in a Blender

Frogg’s has all kinds of specialty creations (a Frogg in a Blender is like a Dairy Queen Blizzard), but one of the nice things about Frogg’s is that you can mix and match pretty much however you would like. Want a custom made sundae? Just order a dish and top it with whatever you want. A personal — and rather decadent — favorite of mine is a simple vanilla or twist dish topped with crushed Whoppers candy and whipped cream. Caramel and pecans is also a tasty one. As are the chocolate dipped cones. And the crunch dipped cones. And… well, you get my point. 

Sizes for the cones and dishes run large; the item in the photo below is a small, which cost $2.00. On a related note, Frogg’s is cash only, so come prepared. On an unrelated note, BW’S Pizza and Wings right next door is now open. Eat your dessert first at Frogg’s and then take a pizza home for dinner!

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Frogg's Ice Cream


Frogg’s Ice Cream
N370 Military Road
Sherwood, WI 54169

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