Garden View [Chicken Salad and Fruit Cold Plate]

Garden View Family Restaurant

Garden View is a brand new family style restaurant that opened in February at what used to be the Perkins on Appleton Road just south of 441 in the Shopko parking lot (near what used to be Crazy Buffet). Garden View has a rather eclectic menu that mixes American, Mexican, and other cuisines, so it should be pretty easy to find something you are going to like. If you’re looking for a family style restaurant with a diverse and interesting menu, give Garden View a try.

Don’t See That Everyday

It’s not often the Food in the Fox team says, “Wow!” when we are served our meals, but today was one of those days. Under the “lite” portion of the menu was a tuna or chicken salad cold plate that came with a choice of salad plus cottage cheese, fresh fruit, and raisin toast. As you can see, the cold plate includes the aforementioned buttered raisin toast with jam, cottage cheese, chicken salad (in this case), apples, bananas, oranges, and melons. 

When ordering, I expected to get a tiny bowl of fruit with a couple of side dishes with the cottage cheese and chicken salad. I definitely was not expecting the elaborate display that arrived. That’s where the “Wow!” part came in. The cold plate was organized as you see below. There was approximately one apple, one orange, and one banana on the plate in total, with a bit of melon tossed in for good measure and (oddly enough) one tiny piece of pineapple tucked under one of the plates. 

Even though it was on the “lite” menu, I’m not sure how “lite” the meal was with buttery raisin toast, jam, cottage cheese, and chicken salad. I’m sure it was a shade lower cal than a burger and fries and definitely a bit on the healthier side. Overall, the food, service, and atmosphere was good. All of the fruit was nice and fresh. I’m always a touch dubious about ordering things like chicken or tuna salad, but in this case it was really quite good.

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Garden View Chicken Salad Cold Plate

Garden View Family Restaurant


Garden View Family Restaurant
1680 Appleton Road
Menasha, WI 54952

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