Good Company [Poppyseed Cranberry Salad]

Good Company Salad

M has always said that Good Company would be an awesome place to play hide and seek. Maybe some day we’ll give that a shot, but until then we’ll be content with enjoying the good food and interesting atmosphere that Good Company provides. On a side note, Good Company is part of the same family of restaurants that manages Beefeaters British Grille & Pub, Pullmans, Fuddruckers, and others.

Salad #2,258 of 2013

Good Company has a diverse menu. For example, you could go with the French Dip sandwich, a Buffalo Chicken BLT, the Metropolis Mushroom Burger, a Gyro Wrap, an Enchilada Platter, Nine Layer Lasagna, BBQ Ribs, Tavern Battered Cod, and the list goes on. What do I get? A salad. To be specific, a Poppyseed Cranberry Salad. It’s a mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, dried craisins, cashews, apples slices, and mozzarella cheese with poppyseed dressing and garlic toast on the side. There were also a few croutons, most of which disappeared when I wasn’t looking. I have a fair idea on who took them, though.

The salad came in at $9.99 and was plenty big. It was big enough that I wasn’t able to finish it, and that’s kind of saying something when it comes to a salad. Overall, everything was fresh and tasted just fine. There’s not much more to say. It was similar in ingredients to the Apple Harvest Salad I had at Grapevine Cafe in Green Bay, but not quite as novel or presented as well. If I could change one thing about this salad it would be to make the garlic bread non-garlic and to swap out the cashews with walnuts. Okay, I guess that’s two things, but both are pretty minor. 

On another side note, if it’s your first trip to Good Company, be sure to walk around a bit and check out the atmosphere (don’t forget the upstairs portion).

- T

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Good Company Poppyseed Cranberry Salad

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Good Company
110 N Richmond Street
Appleton, WI 54911

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