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When family and friends come to visit, I have a few favorite eating establishments that I like to take them to. One is Hu-Hot and the other is Good Company on the corner of Richmond Street and College Avenue near the heart of downtown Appleton. If you don’t know Appleton very well, don’t worry; this place is huge and sort of sticks out like a (beautiful) sore thumb. Be prepared for their to be a full house, so calling ahead for reservations on a Friday or Saturday night may not be a bad idea.

To start off with, the place is obnoxiously large. They have a full bar, a huge dinning room not only on the main floor, but there is a second story filled with tables and booths as well. At any given time, I would guess there are 20-30 staff members working in the gigantic place. The lighting is kind of on the dark side and there are neat trinkets throughout the place. For instance, they have a statue of a bear wearing a Packers jersey and a statue of an old man who looked to be near 80 years old.

Menu & Lion King Menu

The menu is also pretty gigantic and filled with just about anything a person could ask for. My first time here, I had a quesdilla salad, which I thought would be similar to a taco salad, but wasn’t. It was a normal chicken salad with a quesidlla on the side. It was definitely a unique combination.  This time, while looking through the menu I noticed a separate menu, labeled ‘Lion King’. The Performing Arts Center is currently showing the ‘Lion King’, and to coordinate with show goers, they created the special menu, which I thought was a really great idea. Items included mac and cheese bites and other a few carnivorous entrees.

(Non) Traditional Reuben Sandwich

Jumping off the salad train, I decided to go with a sandwich for dinner. Not just a regular sandwich, a Vegetable Reuben which consisted of sauteed mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, green and red peppers, lettuce, special sauce and jack cheese on grilled rye bread. It also came with a choice of french fries or cole slaw. The Reuben was good and to my surprise the sauteed vegetables were not loaded with salt. The special sauce was (I think) some kind of cucumber sauce and also wasn’t overly salty. The rye bread was a nice change from traditional white or wheat bread and the cole slaw was, well cole slaw.

The food is consistently good and the menu has just about something for everyone. The prices are reasonable and the service is always top-notch. But the best thing about this place, in my opinion, is the building itself. There is some kind of rustic, charm associated with this large, historic brick building. I can’t put my finger on it, but it is just a neat place to enjoy lunch, dinner or maybe a few cocktails. And, I firmly stand by my idea to someday play a game of hide and seek in this enormous establishment.


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Good Company
110 N Richmond Street
Appleton, WI 54911


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