Landreman Family Restaurant [A La Carte Breakfast]

Landreman Famly Restaurant Breakfast

Landreman’s is on Main Street heading out of Little Chute and into Kaukauna. Unfortunately, there is a ton of road construction on Main that makes getting there difficult, so you’ll have to do a bit of backstreet navigating if you are coming from the direction of Little Chute. We’ve been to Landreman’s a couple of times in the past, but this is our first set of reviews. We both had a al carte breakfast. 

Good Breakfast, Cold Room, Waitress MIA

As mentioned, we’ve been here a few times and each time the food as been consistent. Today, that remained true, but the atmosphere and the service were a little lacking. For one, it was just about as warm inside Landreman’s as it was outside. Read: Not very. Also, we were greeted and was able to order promptly, but after delivering our breakfast (which came pretty quick) the waitress was never to be seen again. She did not come back to check up on us and we had to go to the counter to get our check. Disappearing waitresses seem to be a trend lately. We had the same thing happen at a couple of different establishments (including Taste of Thai).

However, the food was good. I opted for two eggs over easy, white toast, and a side of mixed fruit. The eggs were very well cooked. The yolks were not overcooked nor were the whites runny (runny egg whites are a small pet peeve of mine). The toast wasn’t over-saturated with butter and the mixed fruit was fresh. After seeing the strawberries and bananas I was reconsidering my mixed fruit choice, but it was still good stuff. The cost for the a la cart breakfast came in at about $5.50, which was about the same price as some of the day’s specials (I could have really gone for some biscuits and gravy…). It’s hard to beat Molly’s early bird specials when it comes to price, though.

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Landreman Famly Restaurant Breakfast


Landreman Family Restaurant
2300 E. Main Street 
Kaukauna, WI 54130

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