Landreman’s Family Restaurant [Eggs, Toast, & Fruit]


I am going to cheer and high-five the giant windmill in Little Chute the day there is not road construction in that small town. Why do I say that, you ask? Well, I have lived in the Fox Valley for just over a year and since then, maneuvering around the small Dutch community always seems to be a challenge. This was the case on Tuesday morning, after driving though Kimberly and not finding a place to stop for breakfast. Landerman’s Family Restaurant came to mind, but getting there was a bit of a challenge. A challenge I was up for because I was getting hungry.

Family Style Menu

Landerman’s is located on the east side of Little Chute (technically Kaukauna) on 2300 E. Main Street, just down the (torn up) street from Piggly Wiggly. It is a family dinner style place with plenty of seating throughout the always festively decorated restaurant. There is also an outside patio to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner on, if the weather permits. In the front of the restaurant. there is a cooler filled with ice cream treats and other to go foods, such as large containers of their homemade soups.
The menu is pretty typical for a family style dinner and includes things such as patty melts, club sandwiches, breakfast items and a large selection of fish on Fridays.

Eggs, What Else?

We followed the instructions on the sign and sat ourselves. The host came over to get our drink order and mentioned that the waitress would be over shortly. Being it was breakfast time and eggs were calling my name, I decided on pancakes. Just kidding. I ordered scrambled eggs, homemade wheat toast and a side of fruit. After we order and the waitress delivered our food, we didn’t see her again. Not to refill beverages or check on how our food was. The service was a bit disappointing, but the food was good. The fruit was good, fresh, and a nice change from fruit cocktail or other syrupy type fruits. The homemade toast was a nice change from the typical toast and the eggs, well, they were eggs. Not a lot to say about the eggs.

To conclude, the service was not great, the food was average, and the prices were reasonable.

- M

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Landreman Family Restaurant
2300 E. Main Street 
Kaukauna, WI 54130

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