Luigi’s Pizza [Mediterranean Pizza]


No, you are not seeing things. That is delicious, greasy, salty and calorie laden pizza from Luigi’s Pizza on the north side of Appleton, located at 1835 E Edgewood Drive. The small pizza place is tucked in between a few other businesses in a strip mall on the corner of Ballard Road and Edgewood Drive, just across the road from Appleton North High School. The pizza place is not usually open on Monday’s for lunch, but opened up just for the THRIVE lunch crew today, which was a nice gesture.

Bread Anyone?

Walking in, the table next to us was full of THRIVERS  who had just been served their pizza. It looked amazing and unhealthy, but I didn’t care about the unhealthy part. After seeing that, I was sold. There was no way lettuce stood a chance in the fight against the cheesy pizza. Looking through the menu, there were other items that stood out, such as traditional Italian dishes, including calzones, pastas and specialty sandwiches and salads. They also had breadsticks, brushetta bread, pizza bread, toasted garlic bread and cheesy garlic bread in case you were in the mood for bread.

I decided on the Mediterranean Pizza, which was spinach, Feta cheese, black olives, artichokes, tomatoes, with garlic and red sauce. The pizza did take a bit to get to the table, but once it did, it was gone pretty quickly. It was a 12″ thin crust pizza loaded with toppings and was only $14. The pizza was filling and a piece ended up in a to-go box, which was gone not too long after getting home. I would recommend Luigi’s Pizza if you are looking for good pizza that is not cut from the same cloth as a Pizza Hut or Papa John’s pizza.


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Luigi’s Pizza
1835 E Edgewood Drive
Appleton, WI 54913   

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