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Mary's Family Restaurant French Toast

While I have never been to Mary’s Family Restaurant on Richmond (until today), I have been to the Mary’s on Oneida on a number of occasions. For all practical purposes, both are essentially identical. However, this time I did not go for the low-fat “bird food” breakfast and instead opted for something a little more substantial. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention this was another great THRIVE Coffee Tuesday morning! We had roughly a dozen people show up, including a couple of new faces.

Jealous of My Neighbor’s Waffle

Mary's Restaurant WaffleI had a bit of a jealous moment. It’s not like there was anything wrong with what I ordered, but my neighbor sat down and immediately ordered a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream with a side of ham. I don’t know about the ham part, but damn, did that waffle/strawberry/cream combo look tasty. Back here in my world, I opted for a breakfast special as shown on the table tent below. The early morning breakfast specials on the table tent are different from the specials shown in the menu. In this particular instance, the special was two eggs, two pieces of French toast, and your choice of sausage or bacon for $4.49. I went with turkey sausage in a futile attempt to make an ever so slightly healthier breakfast.

The easy over eggs were done well. No overcooked yolks and no runny white stuff (gross). The turkey sausage was also well done; perhaps a bit dry, but tasty none-the-less. Of course, the highlight of the meal was the French toast, which was two thick cut slabs of bread that were lightly coated in egg and topped with cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon sugar with a dab of butter made the toast perfect, so there wasn’t even any need for a pile of syrupy calories to add to the already high-calorie combo that graced my plates. Yes, plural. Everything I ordered for breakfast didn’t even fit on a single plate. Shame.

The service was also pretty good. We didn’t have to wait long to order or get our food. We didn’t have to wait around forever to get the check (another one of my many pet peeves). Also, the coffee thermos never ran dry and almost everybody this morning had coffee.

Redemption (Sort Of)

Feeling a smidge guilty, I decided to head to High Cliff State Park in Sherwood to walk off some of the hearty breakfast (and the 98,000 calories and three pounds of salt I ate over the weekend). My CardioTrainer logged 1 hour 37 minutes of walking time, 5.29 miles, 3.2 MPH average speed, and 701 calories burned. By all rights, I should be getting my butt out of this office and taking another 700 or 800 calorie walk. But, eh, maybe tomorrow. 

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Mary's Family Restaurant Breakfast Special

Mary's Family Restaurant French Toast

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Mary’s Family Restaurant
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